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You Know What They Say…

Girl Friday, she’s a marshmallow. Girl Friday’s lack of sleep and non-existent stamina is the reason she posted an unedited entry yesterday. She apologizes immensely. Lost was on last night, and this too accounts for her egregious errors. After sitting … Continue reading

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Girl Friday Plays Nice

Girl Friday has (mostly) been pleasantly surprised by her latest foray into office life. While it has been her nature to make snarky comments about her coworkers and the ridiculous situations she is often wrangled into, this position is starting … Continue reading

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Girl Friday, An Optimist?

She is not! You take that back! In response to Girl Friday’s well wishers, she’d just like to remind y’all that she doesn’t own rose colored glasses—in fact, she just had Lasik and wears no ocular enhancements of any kind. … Continue reading

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