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So Much for Being Smooth

I thought I was being all stealthy by not saying where my “appointment” is, but I screwed up by printing the job description for the interview I’m going to in ten minutes and forgetting it in the printer tray.  Oops.  … Continue reading

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10 Things About Girl Friday You Never Knew You Always Wanted to Know

I have been meaning to update, but work and life has been nuts.  I still haven’t had the chance to take pictures of my place since the latest addition of a dining room table and new kitchen floor and baseboards.  … Continue reading

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It’s Like I’m John Crichton, Only In Reverse

I went out for Chinese food for lunch. That is a very tricky thing to do when you are on a diet embracing a healthy lifestyle. I ordered wonton soup and Chinese chicken salad. I know, I know…it’s not really … Continue reading

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