The Pink Fairy aka Superheroine of Efficiency and Flair

Girl Friday and The Pink Fairy met in high school. They had a mutual love of passing notes and The New Rock Alternative. Their relationship has stood the test of experimental fashion (glitter nail polish and wide leg jeans) and great distances (first the Pacific, now the sprawling Southwest). In the beginning they kept infrequent, at best periodic, contact via Hello Kitty or Barbie stationary. They never did get in the habit of emailing one another… Now the Gal Pals talk every Thursday, like clockwork, using a magical communication device called The Phone.

The Pink Fairy was always a crafty girl, both in scheming and in handmade goods; but since reestablishing routine contact, Girl Friday has discovered The Pink Fairy’s true superpower. The Pink Fairy has magical hands! She can finish 75 quarterly reports before lunch, and then lend her lazy coworkers a hand in the afternoon. In her spare time she can whip up a whimsical ensemble for a night on the town, or even a wedding gown if it suits your fancy. The Pink Fairy channels the Aura of Pink to brighten up every situation. Leave it to the Superheroine of Efficiency and Flair to multi-task, prioritize, create masterpieces, and add a little something extra wherever she goes.

Take a lesson from The Pink Fairy: “THINK PINK!”

Try it! I swear it works. Having a less than fab day? Dab some pink on your cheeks! You may not think it will make a difference, but looking your personal best is the way of The Gal Pals!

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