Latte Lady aka Superheroine of Job Hunting

Girl Friday met Latte Lady one year ago. They worked side by side for two months. For a temp that is equivalent to 44 days or 352 hours or 4 paychecks. The Gal Pals put together tedious packets, answered inane questions, and huddled outside the break room seeking leftovers from birthday parties, holiday potlucks, and TGIFs (they weren’t always welcomed guests, so they took what they could get).

Though the pair parted ways when the job was done, they have remained good friends. Girl Friday is amazed by Latte Lady’s coffee consumption. She has the rare gift to drink tub-sized lattes and still stay in control of all her faculties. Her commitment to finishing off the four-dollar drink is second to none! Piping hot or icy cold (not due to ice, but caused by hours of sitting in a paper cup), Latte Lady will take it any way she can get it. Perhaps it is the intense caffeine high that helps Latte Lady remain composed in the face of career adversity? Latte Lady has been on The Hunt for the Perfect Job ever since she met Girl Friday. Latte Lady has fought the elements in our fair city (sun, surf, and summer fog) in search of proper employment, always with her trusty Liquid Courage. Her greatest tools have been her Magic Espresso Beans and her Milk Frothing Wand.

Watch out for Latte Lady! She is perky, alert, and interviewing at an office near you!

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